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Schlomo Zand is a professor of history at Tel Aviv
University in Israel. His book “When and How Was
the Jewish People Invented?, continues to cause
an uproar among his statesmen.

So Why is Zionist-Israel in an Uproar Over a Book by
Schlomo Zand?
He argues that new facts have
emerged which “face any honest historian with
fundamental questions.”

What Zand argues are facts which support those already stated in the New Testament. Whether one accepts the Bible as an inspired book or not it is a history book in that it records historical events. Such is the nature of any writing which has occurred in history though history may not be it’s aim.

The controversy centers around the fact which Scriptures acknowledge that Jews primarily shared a common religion. In the words of Christ, “Salvation is of the Jews.” (John 4:22).

Nevertheless, Judaism was also national. The authorities in Ancient Israel conspired to put Jesus to death to fulfill a prophecy that he would “die for the nation.” See John 11:50–52.)

Theirs was a theocratic nation where land, laws, people and religion were all one unit based on the covenant. The Jews were a covenant-created people, created by God to carry forth the message of a redeeming Savior to the world.

Abraham is the father from whom Jews through Sarah, (Gen. 21:2) some Africans -Ancient Egyptians through Hagar, (Gen. 16:4) and Arabs through Keturah, (Gen. 25:1–4), all can trace their ancestry.

Current research is scientifically proving the ancient genetic link between Jews, Kurds and Arabs, per the biblical text. Cohen Modal Haplotype, (CMH) considered the most definitive Jewish haplotype, was found among 10.1% of Kurdish Jews. (Wikipedia)

Abraham (who was not a Jew), traced his lineage to Ur of the Chaldeans (Babylon or Iraq, Gen. 11:26–31). Thus, the DNA research points in the right direction.

“Chaim Raphael points out that starting with Abraham in Babylon (Iraq), through Joseph and Moses in Egypt, the kingdoms of Israel and Judea, back to Babylon, then Spain and the Mediterranean, most Jewish history until the last few centuries has been largely the history of the Jews of middle-eastern and Mediterranean culture, the culture we associate today with Sephardic Jews.” (Sephardim and their History, Jeff Malka)

Israel As A Nation

As biblical history records, Israel became a nation through a covenant God made with them under Moses (Exod. 19:1–5), to give them the land of Canaan (Palestine) resulting from a promise made to Abraham. (Gen. 15:13–16).

To claim that Israel was merely a people, apart from their religion and nation counters the Bible account. One can only reason that such is done for political, nationalist and racist reasons.

If history, science and the Bible prove anything, they prove that Zionism is based on a lie. When God ended Israel’s covenant religion in AD 70, he ended their claim to the land based upon that Old Covenant.

Zionist-Israel Created in 1948

Schlomo Zand is correct in his assessment that most of todays “Jews” have no historical connection to the land called Israel. Ben Gurion, the founding father of the Zionist state, was Polish. See Alan Hart’s “Zionism, the Real Enemy of the Jews: The False Messiah.

Hart writes that at the time the of Zionism’s secret commitment to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, the Arabs were the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of that land, numbering about 500,000.

The minority Jewish community of Palestine strongly opposed the Zionist enterprise. They viewed Zionism as a threat to their continued well-being. See also Jews against Zionism.

Why Is Zionist-Israel In An Uproar Over A Book By Schlomo Zand?

It seems that the current state of Israel created in 1948 consisting of German, Russian and other European Jews, have neither the Biblical, genetic (DNA) nor national connection to the land of Palestine.

The Israel Lobby in American politics bought this propaganda, hook, line and sinker, and the policies are sinking the U.S. and others around the world.

As science, theology and biology reveals more light on this subject, it becomes harder for the masses to continue laboring under these “mass weapons of deception.”

Christian Zionists

Christian Zionists (as far as a national state of Israel is concerned) is an oxymoron. They of all people are the most foolish is supporting this propaganda and destruction regime.

Of all people, they should know better with big Bibles in hand, augmented volume levels on the microphones and TV studio lights to boot, that true Israel, is now a spiritual nation, based on Abraham’s faith, not his Babylonian blood, (1 Pet. 2:9). Christian Zionism is a Tower of Babel, i.e. confused theologians.

That faith is expressed in his spiritual Seed,” Christ, (Gal. 3:19), per the O.T. prophecies.  While Christ was a fleshly descendant of Abraham, (Matt. 1:1–17), he severed his fleshly ties to the Old Covenant world, the land, people and temple through death, (Lk. 9:31).

Through his death, Christ established a new relationship with the house of Israel and Judah, though the new covenant, Heb. 8:6–13.

The interesting word in Luke 9:31 for “decease” is “exodus.” Christ left that world for the world of the Spirit, accessed by faith in Abraham. “And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed…”Gal. 3:26–29).

Zand has invigorated the debate among his statesmen in his

For a study of the coming of the Lord in 70AD, “See our book, The Re-Examination.”

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