Power of Prophecy

Power of ProphecyWhat is the power of prophecy? One of the best ways I can illustrate the answer to that question as an introduction is to tell you about my own personal story. Shortly after becoming a Christian, I was told that there were several religions and that Christianity might not be true. This greatly disturbed me as I surely was seeking God at the time and wanted to know that I had done the right thing by obeying the Bible.

I was in despair, and certainly void of the skills I have developed in research, the many resources I have and even before the internet. Not knowing what I would do, I turned to the Bible and read, mostly from the Psalms.

It was as though God was answering my question and satisfying the seed of doubt which had been sown into my heart. I ready from the 22nd Psalm and the passages about Jesus’ crucifixion. I can yet hear the echo of the sound of those words in my mind. “My God, why have you forsaken me?” Here was the power of prophecy.

I knew that text was written long before Jesus came into the world. I reasoned that God had those words written of Christ hundreds of years before he came. It strengthened my faith to know that God has foretold of Jesus’ crucifixion and fulfilled it in such detail.

Since that time, I have never had such a seed of doubt to wrestle with concerning the truth and inspiration of the Bible but only more confirmation of it through the power of prophecy. I came to understand the power of prophecy. It is a dynamic instrument for strengthening one’s faith. Those who do not study it, I believe, are missing out on a great blessing of God’s word for their faith.

Power of Prophecy in the Words of Christ

In Jesus’ ministry, he often referred to prophecy to drive home the points he made in teaching. When the rich man wanted to rise from the dead to warn his brothers of their possible fate, Jesus referred to the power of prophecy. He said, they have Moses and the prophets, if they do not believe them, neither would they believe one who rose from the dead.

Power of Prophecy in Explaining Last Days Events

On the day of Pentecost, when the Jews claimed that the disciples were drunk, Peter stood up with the eleven and cited the prophecy of Joel to explain the strange course of events which were unfolding before their eyes. He also spoke of the prophecies of David showing how they were fulfilled in Christ’s resurrection.

Power of Prophecy Supports Inspiration of the Bible

One huge area of support for the Bible is that of its’ inspiration. The attack on the Bible today comes from several who charge that Jesus and the Apostles lied about His return. Even some Christians rationalize about this point accepting it as true. Some believe this is acceptable for a God who affiirms he cannot lie because it is impossible! The power of prophecy solves the issue very clearly when understood.

Jesus returned as and when he said he would, before the first century generation passed, (Matthew 24:34). See our study on the ReExamination which critiques the futurists or the DVD study of the last days. Peter affirmed the power of prophecy as of immence value during even during apostolic times.