Hello, I’m William Bell.

I’m excited to welcome you to our blog. This is our way of keeping in touch with you. We look forward to sharing studies and experiences in our journey forward in this great movement of transition with eschatology.

While the old mantra is “keep hope alive.” Our mantra is “keep hope realized” because hope deferred makes the heart sick. Proverbs 13:19.

It’s great to realize that Christ achieved complete victory over his enemies and allows us to live with full assurance knowing that sin and death has been conquered with his death and Parousia or coming.

We know that many of you have some exciting news to share about your journey. We would love to hear your comments so, share them. I’ll be visiting this blog often. Why? It’s much easier than trying to ftp, and update regular web pages! Most importantly, I can see your comments immediately as they’re posted.