The Kingdom of God Has Come, though brief is an important message today. So many deny that the kingdom is present. Yet, the evidence is ample and sufficient to draw the conclusion that it has arrived.

In the podcast, eight critical points are covered with clear and concise explanations that should convince the average person beyond doubt. Yes, more study can be done always. Check out the podcast for yourself.

Be sure and share “The Kingdom of God Has Come” podcast. You can listen on the go on your smart mobile devices. It’s also an easy way to teach others.

Here are the verses covered in the study.

1. The Law and the Prophets Till John, Matt. 11:13, Lk. 16:16

2. The Time Is Fulfilled, Mk. 1:14, 15

3. The Kingdom Does Not Come With Observation, Lk. 17:20

4. Believers Were In The Kingdom, Col. 1:13

5. John Was in The Kingdom, Rev. 1:9

6. The Kingdom Came in Power, Matt. 16:28, 28, Mk. 9:1

7. The Kingdom Came Before That (1st Cent.) Generation Passed, Lk. 21:20-22, 31, 32

8. Summary

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