Standing in the Shadows of Moses Vs the Light of Christ

The Old Covenant given to Israel was a type and shadow of the real substance that was promised through Christ. Circumcision, the outward ritual of excising the foreskin of males was a type and shadow of true circumcision.

In this video, Standing in the Shadows of Moses vs the Light of Christ, we demonstrate how circumcision is used in various Bible contexts. We also demonstrate what true circumcision is today and how it is administered.

This lesson is a great study for those who are confused about the practice and application of circumcision. Further it shows the relationship of circumcision to faith. Case study involved Abraham. You will also see how circumcision stood between other types and shadows of the Old Testament, such as the cosmos, the body of flesh and various ordinances.

Easy to follow, clear explanations and illustrations will assist in both learning and remembering the information here.

The question of who is Israel continues to surface today among many proponents. In our current climate of political unrest, a clear and accurate understanding of the Scriptures is even more important.

Christians are deceived by the news media and honest religious leaders, but also by a few “wolves in sheep” clothing. Standing in the Shadows of Light of Christ and the Spirit breaks through the confusion with and error with simplicity and truth.