Richard Eckhart is a person of whom I know very little with the exception of his postings on Facebook. I just discovered his blog which is more of a flog, newandliving.wordpress_com. He has posted several articles, photos and videos on youtube attacking me personally in his wild and reckless attempts to refute what I teach.

One post in particular is: William Bell, Covenant Eschatology, and the Black Hebrew Israelites, dated 3/10/20. Anyone who knows and follows him may conclude that he has some deeper issues. However, my aim is to focus on the lies, mispresentations and falsehoods that he has published.

The First Lie

The first lie Eckhart writes is that I am a Hebrew Israelite. I am not. I do not subscribe to their doctrine and have both debated and discussed the same with them. This first debate was a “trick” debate. I call it that because I was asked to make a presentation. Then about half way through, the host of the show announced a debate. Anyone who reads the comments will see that the audience was largely Hebrew Israelite because they religiously subscribed to Saneter TV at the time. I am not sure if this continues to this day. That debate was one of the highest audiences reported on the channel with over 74,000 views not to mention other copies of it floating around the internet.

Many of the Hebrew Israelites, because of their ignorance of eschatology, make the same type of scathing remarks that Rich Eckhart does against me. None of them saw my views as favorable to their doctrine. I would challenge Rick Eckhart to seek out some of the “Hebrew Israelites” that watched that debate and see if he can find comments favorable to Covenant Eschatology. Not one of them believes that Christ has returned as far as I know. They were embarrassed greatly for teaching that the parousia would occur in the year 2000 with the Y2k scare. It caused widespread dissension and divisions among them resulting in many people leaving the movement and others splitting into various factions. They do not like to be reminded of this.

Another debate was held with Mikha’el Ben Israel. This was an audio podcast on our former AllThingsFulfilled Eschatology podcast channel on BlogTalk Radio. Once again, notice the comments and see that the Hebrew Israelites are futurists in their eschatology, a doctrine to which I do not subscribe nor to other tenants of their theology. However, I do not knowingly reject any doctrine taught in the Bible.

Other debates with them included Sicarii and another camp that I can’t remember their name. The men from Sicarii were vehemently opposed to having a balanced discussion with an independent moderator. This allows them to seek control of the dialogue which becomes obvious when you listen to them. When their doctrine was refuted they resorted to name calling and swearing. Again, because they do not understand eschatology, they assume they are correct. Because of their vulgarity in that debate, I will not post it on my page.

Other Hebrew Israelites believed that Christ would return in the year 2019 and lead them back to the land of Israel. They teach that America is Egypt and that they were in bondage. I waited patiently for the year 2019 to come and go as I knew it would. Nothing happened. They are yet here in America. No mass exodus has occurred and no 200 million man army led by an angel from the sky has come to deliver them.

I wrote a book refuting this claim, titled, “Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade or A.D. 70 – Shipwrecked Faith, Deuteronomy 28.” Many of them, though there are some exceptions, believe they fulfilled the prophecy of Deut. 28:68, in the 14th century. I debunk that theory in the book.

The foreword by Don K. Preston, D. Div., should be sufficient for anyone about my stand regarding Hebrew Israelites. Click here to read the foreword or you may order the book from by going here.

I would also encourage you to read the reviews from those who actually read the book. They can be found on Amazon.

Therefore, for Rich Eckhart to make such blatantly and eggregious claims that I support Hebrew Israelite doctrine is pure lunacy. He appears to be someone who seeks attention and will spare no pains to get it even at the expense of lying and misrepresenting.

The Second Lie

This next lie needs no comment based on the above. He asks when did I embrace this idealism? Can anyone read and watch the above and with a thread of integrity, make such a claim.

The Third Lie

He asks when did I embrace such racism of Black Supremacy. Rich does this to excite others. Perhaps he is actually charging me with racism to mask his own. I doubt he even knows the true definition of racism. He thinks it is prejudice regarding a skin color. I will leave him to his ignorance. By charging I am a racist, Eckhart wants to incite others through what we call “mad dog” debate tactics. He attributes the proclaimed hate for many Hebrew Iraelites against whites. Yet, the very picture he has posted of us, shows me working among many brethren who are not Black and with whom I have labored for years. I will not disgrace myself by even attempting to give this point any further credence.

The Fourth Lie

Rich claims I became a Preterist when I met Max King. Both Max and I know this is not true. We met because both of us were already full preterists though neither of us care much for that term. In fact, Max was shocked that I had come to Covenant Eschatology through my own personal bible study and research. We became friends and began working together on seminars, etc. Max did greatly help me in those early years, but I was already a Preterist, before I ever met King. I planted a new congregation in Memphis, the first Preterist church in Memphis, TN, established since October 1982.

The Fifth Lie

Now I will address Mr. Elvin Israel Israel. I met him through a letter he sent me months after listening to my debate with Captain Tazaryach above, for five times he reports. He saw through the nonsense that all the other Hebrew Israelites who were commenting and listening to the Bible proof. Elvin had been in that movement for about five or six years. He thoroughly acquainted himself with their doctrines. Yet, upon hearing the truth of Biblical eschatology, he left their doctrine. He now teaches against them, and, if memory serves me correctly has had over 30 debates with them.

However, I believe that it is best to allow the basis of my relationship with him to be understood from the testimonial letter that he sent. It is one of the longest and most detailed testimonials I have received to date. I am including the entire testimonial below as he has granted me permission to publish.

“Hello Mr. Bell,

My name is Donnell Chandler and I live in Pontotoc, MS, which is close to Memphis, TN. I just got a quick testimony for you. I grew up in C.O.G.I.C., but I always knew something was off with that whole scene. Mainly, all the shouting and speaking in tongues behavior we always did could not be found in the bible and we as a congregation refused to look at the Old Testament unless it was about the 10 commandments and tithes. So as a youngster and reading I came to the conclusion that all this had already taken place but after hearing all the future coming promises backed with scriptures, I let it go and thought I was on the wrong path.

I then left church for around a decade and came back to the bible listening to GOCC a Hebrew Israelite faction. With evidence and studying I see those brothers had a point and if I could be an Israelite I needed to get on point. So I started studying with them as they introduced the Torah. I found many flaws in the doctrine causing me to float around looking at different Israelite factions until eventually I joined House of Wisdom which is a faction that focuses on the Priesthood only and Spiritual Sacrifices. We were given certain duties that seemed right when explained to me and we stayed in the books of the Apocrypha, all Paul’s writings, and Revelation. So there is a lot of prophecy there, and I became infatuated with prophecy.

Everything I wanted to speak on was prophecy so the elder entertained it for a while until I went to Daniel 12, Matthew 24, and Revelation. I told him it all seemed connected and he insured me that it was not. So I left it alone and I came across your debate with Captain Tazaryach from ISUPK and I was blown away. Being a full blown Hebrew Israelite in the Israelite doctrine at the time caused me to be baffled how the Captain was knowledgeable in his doctrine, but you was killing him with scriptures that had no agenda behind it.

I talked to a few brothers after watching it and sent them the link and they were all like that William guy is off and don’t understand the bible and captain killed him. I was like how, he brought out more scriptures than Captain and his explanations were biblical and not just changing the meaning of them to fit a certain doctrine outside of scriptures.

The dialogue amongst you two showed me how centered we as Israel are with being the chosen that we have missed so many points in scriptures causing us to miss the mark. The truth will always stand, but since I was the only one in my circle that could see that that, I left it alone. So a few months go by as I was in House of Wisdom and bamm again I come across Matthew 24 and Revelation and Josephus and I knew this was speaking on the same event. I hit my elder with it again and he dismissed Josephus and gave me his doctrine again and told me I needed to get grounded or I might become lost.

I found your debate and re-listened to it shortly with the captain again and I realized that you were on point and I went to your Youtube page and saw you have been on point years. After following your teaching along with the bible searching for any flaws, I left House of Wisdom and have been following you for months now. So thanks and I wanted you to know that some of us are listening! We are trying to be in Moses Covenant while the most perfect Covenant is here and has been for a while. I feel we are doing our Abba and Christ a disservice.

I have also come to realize that the certain books we as Hebrew Israelites go to inside the bible have an agenda. I also found out a tip dealing with other Hebraic literature also. If it was created pre-first Century it mainly points to 70 AD but if it was past 1st Century it is pointing to a future coming of Christ. That is where the confusion lies! Also I know you don’t touch on a lot of other Hebraic literature but the Book of Enoch and The Book of Adam and Eve and the 12 patriarchs all points to 70 AD.

I just wanted to say thanks for not giving up on yourself when people told you that you were crazy. Every time I post in my Hebrew Israelite platform I get called out but now a few people are questioning it. Thanks Mr. Bell from a Hebrew Israelite that believes in the TRUTH over Agenda Doctrine. All praises to our Abba for giving you the understanding and please keep bringing it out! I learn something new every time I view your teachings! Shalawam Shalom my brother!”

Compare that to the above spewed forth by Eckhart. Does it suggest I am a Hebrew Israelite? Futher, the claim that I joined that movement when I became a Preterist or even when I met Max King, is the height of absurdity and a ridiculously false accusation. The man has no integrity. Nor does he understand that I can agree with what Elvin said about Preterism without adopting Hebrew Israelitism. No Hebrew Israelite camp would welcome me nor would I attempt to join them.

The Sixth Lie

Elvin was clearly discussing Preterism when he said I was grounded in it since the time I worked with Max King. Intelligent people can read without bias or Rick’s warped commentary. Elvin’s remark about a Hebrew of the Hebrews was no more thank borrowed language from the book of Philippians. It equates with saying that one who is in Christ today is a son of Abraham. He read more into it than was there. I certainly did not understand the statement in such a manner.

As a result of further study, Elvin was baptized into the kingdom of God. Since that time, he works daily inviting his former comrades who yet embrace the Hebrew Israelite doctrine to follow the truth in abandoning their law-based system. He is succeeding in bringing some of them out of it their teachings. Elvin has chosen to adopt a non-europen culture. This should not be alarming. He is not european. I wonder if Rich attacks Asians, Indians or other ethnic groups in the same manner or does he simply have a hatred for blacks who disagree with him?

In conclusion, Rich is guilty of all six lies above. He neither cares nor intends to express the truth. He has such a vile hatred of Preterism that he will do just about anything in an attempt to discredit us.