Dr. Sam Frost vs William Bell Debate Resurrection of the Dead

Sam Frost and William Bell agreed to debate the resurrection of the dead. It airs live on YouTube Friday, August 18th, 2023. See details below.

First, Dr. Frost is a former full preterist. In addition, for the past eleven years, he renounced that view to become a futurist. Resultingly, he defends against a fulfilled corporate collective body view of the resurrection.

Secondly, Dr. Frost argues that the end times resurrection of the dead is yet future. For example, his view maintains the raising of individual physical bodies from the graves, the sea, animal intestines and anywhere else bits and pieces of them can be found.

Contrastingly, William Bell affirms that the resurrection of the dead is fulfilled in the past. Specifically he holds resurrection of the dead refers to those under sin death. This begins with Adam in the garden paradise. It also includes the Mosaic Covenant of national Israel.

Moreover, following biblical history, he understands a spiritual resurrection out of the exile to righteousness matches the Biblical text.

Correspondingly, the debate details can be found on the advert below or by visiting the channel link. Take a moment to make a reservation to attend. Dr. Frost and William Bell are long time acquaintances. They engaged in several Facebook conversations regarding their differences on the resurrection.

Resurrection of the Dead Debate with Dr. Sam Frost and William Bell


This promises to be a riveting and engaging exchange of views by Dr. Frost, held to be a foremost authority on refuting the full preterist view. In addition, both men formerly shared futurist an preterist positions.

Former Views on the Resurrection of the Dead by Disputants

William, onced embraced amillennialism. This view, (inherited from the catechism of the Roman Catholic church) enjoyed adoption within the mainstream churches of Christ. Consequently, he embraced the futurist position early in his ministry as a young preacher. However, he quickly abandoned it over 40 years ago for the full preterist view. Facing tides of opposition, he remains constantly committed as a student.

Moreover, Dr. Frost on the otherhand, became a full preterist, rose quickly in the ranks to a sought out speaker for about eight years, then suddenly returned to his former views that see the end times events as yet to be fulfilled versus in the past.

Confusion About the Resurrection of the Dead

Further, some, do not understand the “corporate body view” (CBV). They conclude that full preterists who hold this position reject the resurrection altogether. Unfortunately, this grossly misrepresents the full preterist view. The problem lies in misunderstanding the difference between the two views. Both disputants claim the Bible supports their respective views.

Debate Time and Venue

On Friday, August 18th, 2023, at 7pm CST, the audience stands as judge concerning the merits of each position. Come with an open mind. Be willing to allow your own personal views to be examined and challenged through this exchange.

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