On Friday, January 12, The Resurrection of the Dead debate with William Bell and Scott Clem airs. The discussion features on the Standing for Truth YouTube channel. The time is 7pm Eastern. William Bell affirms that the resurrection of the dead occurred in 70AD. Scott Clem affirms that the resurrection of the dead is yet future. He believes this occurs at an alleged future return of Christ.

Disputants in Resurrection Debate

Moreover,this should be a very interesting debate. According to Wikipedia, “Scott Clem is an American politician who served as a Republican member of the Wyoming House of Representatives from the 31st district from 2015 to 2021.” He is also a Baptist minister. Further, Clem held several debates on Bible prophecy and endtimes studies. Well respected, he brings extensive credentials and respect to the discussion. William Bell, is an evangelist, and full preterist

Focus of Resurrection of the Dead Debate

In addition, the resurrection debate focuses primarily on 1 Corinthians 15 and 2 Corinthians chapter 5. Furthermore, the majority of believers and theologians hold that these chapters speak of the resurrection of the physical body. First Corinthians 15 leads off with an affirmation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Scot holds to a resurrection of dead corpses as the focus of the resurrection. He teaches that physical bodies will one day be raised from the graves in a general resurrection. In contrast, Bell believes the dead in 1 Corintians 15 are a particular class of saints, existing in a particular framework of covenant history.

Donny Budinsky, moderater of the debate keeps everything organized. Following the debate the audience presents questions directly for the speakers. Live chat opportunities exist during the discussion in real time.

Finally, the resurrection of the dead invokes objections to the fulfilled preterist view of scripture. Some, who claim to be “orthodox” preterists, subscribe to a partial preterist view. This view yet holds certain aspects of prophecy as yet future.

Why The Resurrection of the Dead Debate Is Necessary

Fulfilled Bible prophecy, also known as “full preterism” or “covenant eschatology” continues to grow rapidly among believers and is undoing the damage and havoc of the doctrine of dispensationalism resulting from the influence of the C.I. Scofield and the Scofield Bible which has led to the creation and support of the Zionist state and over 70 million Christian Zionists. Another doctrine is that of Amillennialsm, borrowed mainly from the catechisms of the Roman Catholic church. Adherents to these views strongly object to fulfilled bible prophecy, but at Preterism spreads, many leave these views behind adopting both a partial and or full preterist view. Many partial preterists after more study, end up becoming full preterists.

Make sure to reserve the date and time. You are definitely guaranteed to learn more about the resurrection of the dead and the endtimes by watching this debate. Be sure to share this message with family, friends and others who may be interested.