I Will Raise Him Up At The Last Day

This is a video study of the resurrection as presented in the gospel of John. In the common views of resurrection most interpret it from the perspective of a body rising from the ground. However, Jesus expresses the difficulty of understanding his words, per the gospel of John. His experiences and teachings in John always show that when misunderstood he was speaking on an entirely different level than that to which they were accustomed.

This holds true when he encouters the Jews in John 6 where he speaks of being the Bread of Life and then asking them to eat his flesh and drink his blood in order to have eternal life. It is the common belief of many that one must die and be raised from physical death in order to have eternal life beyond a promise. They do not believe it is a reality for those who live today.

In the video we discuss a different view. Those who are raised in the last day challenge us to change our thinking about resurrection when we pay close attention to the words of Christ.

Whom Would Jesus Raise At The Last Day?

The last day is does not mean the end of time. There is no such concept in the Bible as the end of time. Time will forever continue. The Bible does however speak of the end of the age, which is not the same thing as the end of time. The end of the age means the end of the Jewish age. It is sometimes translated the end of the world, but this is not totally accurate in most contexts.

The end of the age occurred when Jerusalem fell in 70AD. It is at the end of that age that Jesus would raise up those in John 6. The question the video answers is what was their status in 70 AD?  Does the text require they all be deceased at that time?  Is it possible to raise them up if they had not physically died? The common response to this is yes. The video explores a different perspective.

I Will Raise Him Up At The Last Day Will Change Your Perspective On Resurrection

Once you’ve watched and understood the video your paradigm will experience an enlightening shift. You will understand something about the nature of life and death through Jesus’ promise to raise them up at the last day that perhaps you did not before understand.

It is empowering and inspiring. To know that God honor us in such a manner is humbling. So if you haven’t watched that video, go ahead and do so now and leave us your comments and questions on “I Will Raise Him Up At the Last Day.