Memphis Eschatology Conference

Memphis Eschatology Conference 2014Can you believe we are now in the last hour before the Memphis Eschatology Conference begins? I have been trying to finish up details here and there so I can get to sleep before I leave in about an hour for a meeting. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. So, if I don’t get a catnap, I’ll be walking around in a daze.

At any rate, we’ve heard from some who left home a few hours ago and are about to descend upon the city of Memphis. We’re looking forward to seeing you. We’ve also heard from some very nice people right her in the city who also said they would attend.

Thanks to all for your kind support. We actually had registrations for every seat available, then we opened up registration after it was “sold out” (although there’s no charge to attend) to about a dozen and a half more because we want it standing room only.

Special Eschatology Conference Website

We’ve set up a website just for the conference so it will make it easier to find information such as the agenda, local restaurants, hotels, etc. Please take time to go through all the tabs to see what is available. Go to We also have the order forms and most of the graphics completed for the DVD’s and audios of the conference. We’re waiting on one more as we have worked our graphics designer overtime.

Prayers for Jan Preston

Don’s wife, Jan is in the hospital. She went to the emergency room last night and I haven’t heard from him. The chances that he will make the conference are very slim. He is at her side doctoring and nursing her as he should be. Please keep them both in your prayers.

That means I will have to speak in his stead until he gets his wife stable enough to record his lessons and send to us. That way, none of us will miss the rich blessings he had planned for us.

Order the Memphis Eschatology Conference in Advance

I am extending a discount to those who want copies of the DVD’s and or audios. We are including PowerPoint Charts and or notes via download to go along with the audio and video studies and possibly including them on a docs CD.

Once again, thanks to all for your prayers and support which helped to get us this far in the preparation for the conference. God bless and once again, welcome to the Memphis Eschatology Conference 2014.