We began this study asking the
question of whether Matthew 24
could be divided?

We will end by asking the question
concerning Matthew 24:34 – which

So much error is taught on Bible
prophecy from Matthew 24.

It suffers from exegetical abuse
on all sides of the prophetic

In words that one would have to
struggle to make more clear,
Christ predicted his return.

“Assuredly, I say to you, this
generation will by no means pass
away will all these things take
place.” (Matthew 24:34)

What Does This Generation Mean?
Does it mean this 21st century

Or did it mean that 1st century

Matthew 24:34 – This Generation

Generation is defined as a
contemporary group of people
all living at or about the same

It is the succession of individuals
in a birth line.

This is how the term is used in
Matthew 1:1–17, to speak of
the “generation” of Jesus Christ.

Matthew gives 3 lists,
segmenting the generations
which led to Christ’s birth,
beginning with Abraham.

When you read that chapter
you notice that each birth in
the line of descendants marks
a new generation.

When Matthew completes the
count, he segments them into
three groups.

  • 14 generations from Abraham to
  • 14 generations from David until
    the Babylonian captivity
  • 14 generations from the captivity
    to Christ.

That’s 42 generations.

Some claim the word genea, from
which we generation is translated
means race.

Could you imagine 42 races of
people in one family of Abraham?

Wouldn’t that make for quite a
family reunion?

It’s a dodge, a grasping at
theological straws.

Genea Versus Genos

Secondly, 1 Peter 2:9, translates
race, not from genea, but from
genos. But you are a chosen

That term means family, kindred
or lineage and can mean race,
nation or people.

However, one must be careful
here because of the context.

Peter, writes to those who had
been “born” again, not of the
flesh but of water and of the

This means they were baptized
and received the Holy Spirit.
(1 Peter 1:22; 1 Cor. 12:13;
Acts 19:1-6).

Paul said of those who were
baptized were neither Jew nor
Greek. (Galatians 3:26-28) but
were sons of God by faith in Christ.

Thus, the “chosen race” is not
an ethnic group based on their

Rather, they belong to a group
of people who have been saved
out of a world of unbelievers.

This group to whom Peter calls
the “chosen” race, was comprised
saints from all nations, tribes peoples,
and tongues.

The were Jews and Gentiles from
all over the known world at that
time, (Revelation 7:9)

Jews and Gentiles in the one
body of Christ, are exclusively
“firstfruits” saints (See James 1:18)

Hence, they cannot belong to any
other generation other than the
first century.

So, the point about “race” even from
genos as used in this text is a moot

Firstfruits saints or Christians are
exclusively, the first Christians of
the first century.

No other generation of Christians
can be styled firstfruits as no other
person can be the first of firstfruits

Therefore, exegetically, genea of
Matthew 24 means a contemporary
group of people all living at the same

In addition, “genos” in 1 Peter 2:9,
means the “race” or generation of
firstfruits Christians living in the
first century.

Finally, when the Lord spoke of
the destruction of Jerusalem in
Matthew 23:36, he used this

There is unanimous agreement
that this generation in Matthew
24:36, refers to the first century

These were Jews contemporary
with Christ.

A few words later, Christ spoke
use “this generation” again when
speaking of the overthrown of
the temple and the Jewish state.

How could he possibly have meant
any other than his very own
contemporaries who put him
to death?

They were the very ones who
crucified him and of whom he
promised would see the wrath
of God.

Therefore, as we’ve shown
in every example, the evidence “
is conclusive that Matthew 24
cannot be divided.

All events too place in that
first century generation.
Christ has come, all things
fulfilled in Bible prophecy.

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