The Kingdom of God Has Come

In an age of “enlightenment” such as that in which we live we yet find that many have difficulty understanding the presence and fulfillment of the kingdom of God.

A few simple texts are suggested for a dialogue on the topic by those who see the kingdom as yet to be fulfilled. Others have chosen a dual fulfillment of the kingdom ascribing texts which connect the arrival of the kingdom with the second coming of Christ as referring to heaven, 2 Pet 1:11; Matt. 25:31, 34.

It is because of the points revealed in the video that this confusion exists. Some have not taken the time to step back and rethink views they have held for years. This is evident from a recently published May-June 2014 of Labourers Together With God” published by the Northwest Florida School of Bible Studies. Look for more information on this publication for tomorrow.

Some, disenchanted with human governments seek the kingdom of God as a means to escape it. They search for a paradise on earth. This has been the approach of the Jehovah’s Witnesses movement.

Kingdom of God is Here Video

Victorious Eschatology and the Kingdom of God

According to 1 Corinthians 15:50, the inheritance of the kingdom of God belongs to the eschatological victory associated with resurrection. In fact, the kingdom of God in essence is the resurrection. The victory over sin was consummated in the kingdom of God, 1 Cor 15.

The Appointed Time

Was there an appointed time for the kingdom of God to arrive? If so when was this appointed time? What is the implication for the failure of an event to occur at its appointed time especially when it is a promise made by God? Is the Lord slack concerning his promise as some men are? Is it possible for God to lie about the arrival of the kingdom?

Can the words of God fail? Jesus said, it is easier for heaven and earth to pass than for one jot or tittle of the law to fail. That means fulfillment is easier than failure. If this is true of the law, it is likewise true of the kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God Also Arrived in the Fullness of Time

What is the fullness of time of which the Bible speaks? If a time is full can it ever become¬†unfilled? For example, in Acts 2, the Bible says the Day of Pentecost had “fully come”.

Is it possible that Pentecost never arrived since it was a time that had fully arrived. Could there be any other time in history for the day of Pentecost to be fulfilled?

By acknowledging that the fullness of the time had come, the Day of Pentecost arrived without failure. But what are such implications for the kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God Had Drawn Near

Prophecy up to the point of John the Baptist’s preaching was all about the coming of the kingdom. In fact, it had been announced as promised before the foundation of the world per Jesus’ Olivet discourse. Thus, from Gen. 3:15, the kingdom was in view. However, what changed about the message of the prophets and that of Jesus Christ?

Both announced the kingdom as an urgent, imminent event requiring men to respond with repentance. They both spoke of the kingdom as having drawn near. So, what do we make of the statements that appear to have the kingdom yet in the future, particularly arriving at Jesus’ return? Is this not proof positive that we yet await the arrival of the kingdom?

We address this question on the arrival of the kingdom of God in the video. We encourage your comments and questions regarding the kingdom of God.