Sam Frost’s YouTube Interview and Confession

In 2013, Sam Frost spoke on why he left Full Preterism. I’m sure this is old news to most, but, YouTube uploads tons of videos and I don’t always take the opportunity to watch them.

However, as I was perusing, I came across a title that peaked my interest, especially knowing the person who was the subject of the video.

Sam Frost was being interviewed on Why I Left Full Preterism” and obviously his host was seeking to take advantage of any leverage he might gain from the interview against the Full Preterist movement.

The Fatal Question

It was a disaster for both of them. The very question raised destroyed both Sam’s argument and credibility and defeated the purpose of the question.

Sam was asked point blank by Jerry Johnson, whether Full Preterism was heresy. I had to stop the video interview after hearing his question. He had beautifully set this question up by stating that he wrote Misplaced Hope to establish that the creeds were not the authoritative standard by which doctrine should be judged.

He’d gained a sizable reputation and speaking opportunities following the acceptance and success of that book in the Preterist community because it was true.

However, Sam went on to say that according to “western Christianity”… Hold it. Let’s stop right there. What in the world is “western Christianity?” There is no such thing.

The Fatal Answer

Sam said from the standpoint of the “confessional church” i.e. the “creedalists” (Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed) he said Preterism is heresy. But from the standpoint of Sola Scriptura, it’s an “open-ended question. Then he said that obviously, heresy has to be defined from the standpoint of the Scriptures”.  In that, he denied that (although he did not say it) that Preterism is not heresy according to the scriptures, but only to the creeds of denominations.

Sam therefore admitted that creedalists are not orthodox according to Sola Scriptura. Thus, Preterism can only be claimed to  e heresy by a non-scriptural paradigm. What a profound concept.

Sam claimed the “so what” i.e. post 70AD is a matter of fragmentism. In other words, he saying that we should all speak the same thing about post scriptural events for which we have no divine inspiration and guidance. He’s asking us to be inspired about non-inspired times and events!

Sam’s then says his defection was because of the creeds, i.e. the Westminster Confession of faith which says there is a fixed number of the saved. So, again, creeds do not determine orthodoxy. Rather it is determined by Sola Scriptura.

Sam “has” to have an end of history for his view to be correct. He “bends” God’s knowledge and God’s people.  Later, Sam says he studied himself out according to Scripture. So which is it? Did he leave because of the Westminster Confession which is not Sola Scriptura or did he leave because of Scripture?

Please understand. We have no personal beef with Sam. He’s a fantastic guy, brilliant and intelligent. His words, as revealed in this interview betray him from the moment he had his pregnant pause on the world “Well”.

Spiritual Equals Gnosticism?

He claims that the spiritual emphasis of fulfillment is gnosticism! So let’s get this straight. The house not made with hands is gnosticism. The new birth of John 3 is gnoticism. Living water in John 4 is gnosticism. The bread from heaven that a man can eat and never die is gnosticism. When Jesus said the flesh profits nothing, and that the words I speak to you are spirit and life, that is gnosticism. When he says he is the light of the world, that is gnosticism. When he says he is the great Shepherd that is gnosticism. When he claims to be the resurrection and the life, that is gnosticism!

Spiritual realities are gnosticism according to Sam. This is really sad.

Jesus claimed to be the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Does that mean Christ will one day become none-existent? According to Sam’s view, that must be true.

You can listen to the interview at:

Interesting enough, the title of the broadcast is!