Eschatology in Galatians

Paul said Abraham had two sons, one born of Hagar, and one of Sarah. Note: These are the TWO covenants. Not the ONE, but the TWO COVENANTS, v. 24. Hagar is the covenant of bondage and answers to “Jerusalem” which “NOW IS”. There is the word now in context, in the first century. Paul did not say it NOW “WAS”, but it “NOW IS”.

Next he says Hagar was in “bondage with her children”, i.e. the Old Covenant people he now refers to as the “Ishmael” of the allegory. Next, he says but the Jerusalem which is ABOVE is Free. That is Sarah, the New Covenant. Do you see that BOTH covenants were co-existing? Isn’t that Paul’s point? Abraham had TWO SONS, Not ONE?

Weren’t the two boys and the two moms co-existing in the house of Abraham for a time? But what happened? The child of the bondwoman persecuted the child of Sarah.

Now here Paul’s statement. “Even so it is NOW”, not even so it was “THEN” or “AT The CROSS”. There’s our word “NOW” years after 30AD.
If “NOW” means “NOW” in 2 Pet. 3, it means “NOW” in Gal. 4. And that is true to fact. Old Covenant Israel was persecuting the saints. They are the ungodly of the Old Covenant who were persecuting the righteous, (Christians or Isaac) a point which Peter does not overlook in his 1st and 2nd epistle.

Now what does the say? “Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman. One son needed to be “cast out” so he would not inherit. The firstborn would normally get the inheritance, (and they surely wanted it, so much so that they were willing to murder Christ and the saints to get it, (Matt. 21:33-43, 23:35-37) but they (O.C. Israel) had to be “cast out”.

When were the sons of the Old Covenant CAST OUT? See Matt. 8:11-12, Matt. 21:33-43, Matt. 24. It is when Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and many from the east and west sat down in the kingdom. That is a resurrection text. If it has not occurred, then O.C. Israel has not yet been cast out and will not be cast out until the alleged “future” resurrection.

But, we know the time they were cast out. It was AD70. That is the Old H & E, temple and its ungodly people, for the wrath had come upon them to the “uttermost” (1 Thes. 2:14-16).

But what is it that remains? Sarah. Where was she? Above? From whence does the kingdom/new H & E arrive? From “above”. Where was the kingdom coming from in Heb. 12:28 and Lk. 21:31? From above? Where did the New H & E come from in Rev. 21:2-3? Above?

But isn’t Sarah the New Covenant? Again, do we have now two New Covenants? One at Pentecost and one that was “above”?