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Bible Prophecy

Do you remember reading the
chicken little story? It’s about a
little chicken named Henny Penny.

Does Chicken Little write Bible

One day Henny Penny was walking
through the woods and an acorn
fell on her head.

She reasoned, the sky is falling, the
sky is falling.

Then, she went and spread her hysteria
about the end of the world to all her

She even told her enemy, who was a
wise old fox. He knew the sky was not

Because Foxxy Woxxy knew the truth,
he decided to deceive Henny Penny
and her friends.

Henny Penny’s message caused them
to live their lives in fear, afraid to
venture out rather than live in peace
abundance and happiness.

This fear led them to buy into the story
and fall for the tricks of the old sly fox.

I’ve read some versions of this story
where the old fox ate Henny Penny
and her friends. Others show them

However, the point is, Henny Penny
was hysterical about a matter that
was totally untrue. The sky was not

Does Chicken Little Write Bible Prophecy?

Today, we have literally thousands of
Henny Penny’s. The dispensationalists
who at every turn, see falling skies.

Now that the U.S. economy is spiraling,
they “profit-sigh” the end of America.

For them, the sky has been falling
ever since Morgan and Darby began
spreading this doctrine in the mid
19 century.

This “ chicken little falling sky”
theology took on a vengeance to
the point of  fanaticism.

Zionist President Truman recognized
the settlement of European Jews in
Israel, which displaced the Palestinians.

Dispensationalists saw this as a sign
of the end and began to prophesy.

They shouted, “the sky is falling,
the sky is falling!” It’s going to fall
within one generation (40 years)
from 1948.

So, they had the world on pins and
needles in 1988. Nothing happened.

The sky did not fall, but these
chicken littles didn’t stop. They
continually predict and prophesy
the end which never comes.

Recently, they lamented that
Israel is not cooperating by
relinquishing territory.

If a peace accord is struck between
Israel and the Palestinians, the modern
day doom sayers lose all the steam
in their smoking guns.

Thus, it is counter productive for
them to talk about true peace.

They can’t start their Armageddon
and world war that they are foaming
at the mouth to begin so they
can be “vindicated” as true prophets.

Somehow, everytime they think
they’ve got it right, God brings
about a new twist.

They tried it with communist Russia,
calling it the Gog and Magog of the Bible
that was going to start Armageddon
and it dismantled.

Next, they looked to the European
Union to begin a 10–nation confederacy
to satisfy what they believed were
the hoofs and horns of Daniel’s
10–horned beast. (Dan 7:7)

The European Union would not cooperate.
There are now about 27 members states
in the EU. That’s too many horns!

Now, their eyes are set on the USA.
Two wars in the middle east, a rash
of natural disasters in recent years,
and now, the economy.

Matthew 24, although Christ said
it was clearly fulfilled within his
his very own generation, is to
them about to be fulfilled now.

The collapse of the automobile,
banking, real estate crisis, etc,
is more proof than the words of

This economy has already created
a 15 year high in the unemployment

About 2 millions jobs were lost since
last December. This did not include
the exodus of 400,000 people who
left the work force.

What’s the chicken little report for
America? “We’re in the final days
before Armageddon!”

This to them fulfills Revelation that
“no one can buy or sell” except he
who has the mark of the beast!

Fear-mongering is rampant. The
stage is set for what they believe
is the final showdown.

Ignoring that the apostles said the
end the age came in their generation,
(1 Cor. 10:11), endtime prophecy is
made more sensational than the tabloids.

Oh, and contrary to dispensational
teaching, God promised that the sky
will never fall! (Gen. 8:21, 22; 9:15,16;
Jer. 31:35–37).

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