Eschatology Discussions

Eschatollgy and IsraelRecently, there have been some new articles attempting to defend the Amillennial view of eschatology held by the churches of Christ, by men such as Patrick Donahue on Facebook and Ben Vick Jr at his website. I have written and published a response to the latter which you can find at this link, Ben Vick Jr.

The dialogue on Facebook is largely headed up by Don K Preston of the Preterist Research Institute. I’ve also contributed to responses there on the topic of the earnest of the Spirit in Eph. 1:13-14, demonstrating it was miraculous.

There are some excellent points that we share in such discussions that may not be demonstrated when writing articles and blog posts.

Memphis Eschatology Conference

We have planned an Eschatology Conference in Memphis, TN, October 10-11, 2014. So far we have three speakers, Don K Preston, of Ardmore, Ok, Holger Neubauer of Southaven, MI. Holger is doing an excellent job and works closely with Steve Baisden who also is doing some excellent teaching.

The theme of our conference is: “Its About Time”?  Our aim is to explore the basics of Covenant Eschatology to further build the foundation for those who are new to the subject and for those who want basic lessons and teaching material for others.

We certainly appreciate any and all support for our conference. This is the first of its kind on this scale. Contact me direct via phone at 901-601-0548 or via email for more details. If you have other ways in which you would like to assist please let us know.

Recent Preterist Pilgrim Weekend Eschatology Conference

The recent 2014 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend conference in Oklahoma was over the top. By all standards of measurement it was an excellent conference with great lessons from all the speakers, Jerel Kratt, Don Preston, David Curtis, David Boone, Alan Bondar and William Bell.

I would like to thank all the men for their great preparation and delivery and the knowledge I gained from each of the other speakers. The fellowship was great. We met several new attendees and several were new to the subject of Covenant Eschatology altogether. Everyone was eager to learn and a heightened level of enthusiasm filled each session and reverberated throughout the entire event.