A Guide to Planning Your Crypto Side Events

Although not many people completely understand what crypto is or how it works, there’s no denying its rising popularity.

In 2022 alone, it is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide used cryptocurrency to trade! That’s unsurprising, considering that, globally, there are around 20,000 cryptocurrencies and 380 cryptocurrency exchanges that support their trading.

It’s no wonder the demand for crypto conferences is rising.

If you’re planning on hosting a crypto conference, bravo! Their increasing popularity will ensure you not only have a large number of attendees, you’ll probably be able to get some good sponsors as well.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different elements that go into planning a crypto conference. We’ll also give you tips on how to market your conference to get more attendees and help you plan an actionable strategy to approach sponsors.


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What is a Crypto Conference?

Before we continue, let’s first understand what a crypto conference is as well as what its purpose is.

A crypto conference brings together blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT aficionados from across the globe. The conferences typically give developers, entrepreneurs, and investors the chance to meet, network, and discuss the latest updates and innovations in the industry.

Types of Crypto Conferences

Now that we have understood the basics of a crypto conference https://Fipa.tv/tech/12-faits-sur-bitcoin-que-vous-connaissez-a-peine/ and what to expect from it, let’s move on to the types of crypto conferences.

Crypto Launch Party

To understand what happens at a crypto launch party, we need to first understand how crypto tokens work.

A crypto token is a type of cryptocurrency that is yet to be launched in the market. These tokens usually represent an asset or have their own use. They usually reside on their own blockchain.

A crypto launch party is a crowdfunding activity. Here attendees are offered tokens for a new cryptocurrency. Buy dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Launch Parties

Unlike crypto launch parties, there’s no crowdfunding at a blockchain launch party.

The main purpose of these events is informative. They’re used to introduce new technologies for blockchains.

General Crypto Events

These are probably the most common type of crypto events in the industry. Here, crypto enthusiasts meet and network to share their interest in crypto and how crypto affects our current world.

Crypto Conventions

Another popular event in the crypto world, these conventions usually take place when something new is happening in the industry.

This could be an emerging cryptocurrency or a change on the blockchain. Crypto

conventions help individuals stay updated on the happenings of the crypto world.

Top Side Events Ideas for Your Crypto Conference

Attendees at a crypto event are looking for a unique experience. To really make your event stand out and give your attendees an engaging experience, make sure you plan some crypto side events.

Workshops not only provide attendees with the opportunity to network, but they can also be hotbeds for new ideas and collaboration.

Crypto side events give attendees a chance to network in an informal setting via(Crypto side events give attendees a chance to network in an informal setting via. Unsplash)

We can’t discuss networking and not mention after-work drinks. Not only are they fun, but they also provide a more casual opportunity for networking and branding. The more informal setting will provide your attendees with a chance to intimately learn about new projects and meet investors.

Hackathons are great side events to plan that is beneficial to both attendees and investors. It allows developers to showcase their passion for building web3 applications and who knows, even meet their potential employers.

Panel discussions are another interesting way to allow your attendees to break into smaller groups and discuss the topics they are most passionate about. To make things easier, you can even bring together your main speakers to create separate panels for unique topics.

Women-centric side events are also gaining popularity at crypto conferences. Female-led initiatives start with providing a safe space for women to meet, network, and learn about the web3 industry. Creating women-only crypto side events is a great way to empower women to make their mark with crypto and blockchain technology.

If there’s an important event happening around the dates of your crypto conference, this could provide the opportunity for a perfect side event. Big football games, the screening of a popular movie or even a food tasting at a popular local restaurant provides an opportunity for bonding that extends beyond the crypto space.

Marketing Your Crypto Event

There’s definitely a lot of interest in crypto events but this also means there are a lot of crypto events happening.

Good marketing is what helps your crypto event stand out in the sea of crypto events. This section of this blog post will help you get your marketing right.

Use Event Management Software

Planning an event is hectic. To avoid getting lost in the chaos, we recommend enlisting the help of event management software.

There are several event management software available in the market today. This software is perfect for keeping track of your event activity.

The main advantage of event management software is, it helps bring together all the different parts of an event into a consolidated space.

You can use the software to check in with different teams, prioritize tasks, identify goals, locate setbacks, and set deadlines. The software also helps you keep track of the progress and monitor any setbacks.

Be Choosy with Your Venue

The venue is one of the most important decisions you need to make when you decide to host a crypto event. Not only is the venue the first impression your attendees will have of your event, but it’s also a reflection of your company and its values.

When you’re choosing a venue for your crypto event, it’s also important to keep the agenda in mind. If you’re having multiple speakers and sessions, it would be apt to look for a larger venue with more rooms. These venues often have designated spaces for breakout sessions as well.

On the other hand, if your event is smaller, you can get creative with the venue. Historical buildings or themed rooms are good options for small-scale crypto events.

Irrespective of the venue you decide on, ensure that your venue is equipped with a good internet connection and has all the audiovisual equipment you need.

If you’re unsure about where to start on your venue hunt, check out Spacehuntr. The website has an impressive selection of venues across the globe that are ideal for hosting crypto events.

Don’t Forget the Power of Digital Marketing

As important as it is, there are only a few organisations that have fully mastered the art of digital marketing. When done correctly, online platforms can be the best way to reach potential attendees.

More attendees often mean more sponsors so get cracking on these tips to maximise your online presence:

1. Keyword targeting

Using high-volume keywords in the content on your website is a great way to reach out to people who would be interested in attending your event.You can read this article for helpful tips on how to improve your website’s SEO for more help on how keywords can change your conference game.Tools like Ranktracker’s keyword finder will help you find the best SEO keyword opportunities with search volumes and difficulty ratings(Tools like Ranktracker’s keyword finder will help you find the best SEO keyword opportunities with search volumes and difficulty ratings)

2. Link building

This is the networking of the online world. To improve your search engine ranking (how high your event shows up on search engine pages) reach out to other crypto pages and blockchain events. If they agree to share your website link on their site, the more your rank increases on Google and the easier it is for other people to find you.


3. Pay attention to your website

To create a robust website, you need to think of your website as more than just a space to add your event information.

Make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s also important to keep your website updated with the latest information on your event.

Last but not least, keywords are extremely important in making your website easy to find. This article will help you understand the best practices for adding keywords to your website.

Use Ranktracker’s web audit tool to scan your website and find out how well-optimized it is

4. Retarget ads

If someone has visited your website but not registered for your event, retargeted ads can help reinforce the event in their mind.

Add this to your digital marketing plan and create more buzz for your event.


Make Your Event Unique

Although crypto events are not as community-driven as blockchain events, you can still find ways to engage your audience.

Since crypto is a popular topic right now, your event needs to offer something more interesting to get the attention of crypto enthusiasts.

One of the ways to make your event stand out is by inviting multiple speakers and introducing a variety of topics. You’ll gain bonus points if you’re able to get a founder of one of the top cryptocurrency companies as your keynote speaker.

Make sure you include a variety of experts at your event and provide networking activities to keep your attendees engaged.

Getting Sponsorship for Your Crypto Event

Crypto events have caught the eyes of several governments across the world. Depending on which country you’re planning to host your event, there could be subsidies and sponsorship aid provided by the government.


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That being said, there are still a few helpful ideas to get sponsorship that is common globally.

Firstly, it’s easier to get corporate sponsors when you reach out with a mutually beneficial pitch. Some of the ways you can get corporate sponsors on board are by offering discounts for tickets sold via. their platform.

You can also host giveaway contests on social media pages, give your corporate sponsors a booth at your event and include their logos in all your promotional materials.

When approaching sponsors for your crypto event, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose sponsors with a similar target audience to you
  • Brands that have sponsored events in the past are more likely to sponsor new events
  • Be transparent about your funding with your potential sponsors
  • Use data on your event’s previous sponsors to give them a clear idea of their ROI
  • Whenever possible, try to directly reach out to the company’s decision-maker