The Body is Dead Romans 8

Which body does Paul have in mind when he says the body is dead in Romans 8? Is it our physical body? Are we already physically dead? Were the Romans of the first century dead when Paul wrote to them?

Doesn’t this question present a huge dilemma for those who advocate a physical future resurrection of the body? And what of those who claim we must wait until we die to get a body? How does that work with Romans 8:10-11.

The following video was created after questions were received from a previous video we shared on our AllThingsFulfilled channel on YouTube. That video was “No Marrying in the Resurrection”. This video is a result of questions asked for clarification. This subject needs to be pounded into the heads of those who oppose Covenant Eschatology and who cite a future resurrection.

They will wind up separating the resurrection taught in Romans 8:10-11, 23 from the resurrection taught in 1 Cor. 15 because they will have problems with the “dead body” of Romans 8.  Check out the video and leave your comments below. Plan on a few minutes to watch and take some notes. Yes, I do expect to read your comments and I will reply. Thanks!