Roundabout Eschatology Southaven Power 2017 Review

During the week of July 23-27, 2017, the Southaven Church of Christ, located near
Stateline Rd in Southaven, MS, presented a series of lectures allegedly on the “End of Time”.

While the Bible teaches the “time of the end”, (Dan. 12:4), it does not teach the “end of time.”
This became very obvious in the lectures. In these videos, we show some of the issues plaguing
these brethren as evidenced in their speeches.

Daniel Rogers of Piedmont, AL did a great job assisting me with the videos. In the interim,
we also enjoyed some down time playing guitar and other instruments.

There was so much material to review that after Daniel left to return home, we continued
the process. Part two of this session follows below. Even as these videos were being made,
I am amazed at how much those who “disagree” with us actually “agree” with us.

This is part two and the final session for this time. These are also included in a playlist on YouTube.
In the following video you’ll find more interesting quotes and contradictions symptomatic of the problem
of current eschatological views.

Hopefully, Don Blackwell will accept the challenge to defend his views on the resurrection.
Look for more videos on RoundAbout Eschatology.