Welcome to our ministries page and thanks for showing interest in what we do at AllThingsFulfilled.com ministries.

We hope that by giving you an overview of what we do, you will be inspired to donate to help us thrive and expand on our ministries and develop new ones for the future.

AllThingsFulfilled Website

Our web ministry consists of several internet projects. First is our AllThingsFulfilled.com website. This is our main website and has hundreds of articles, videos, and podcasts. The content on this website has grown to a point that it requires a substantial monthly investment to keep it online.

AllThingsFulfilledMobile App

We have a Free Mobile App “AllThingsFulfilled” that can be downloaded from Google Play and the the Apple App store. Recently, we learned our app had been off line. It’s hard for me to tell because it is always active and updates on my phone. However, for a year and a half, it has been offline. That is being corrected as of yesterday (Oct. 3, 2019), so, in the next few days, it should be back online. The mobile company offered us an apology for the lack of service.

This app contains all our YouTube videos, BTR podcasts and more. We have a monthly cost associated with it but we make the sacrifice in order to serve the body of Christ and the general public.


This website offers a list of our available products such as books, DVD’s, audio CD’s and Bible tracts. We printed these tracts to assist others with sharing the word by making it easy to distribute over a wide area. They are printed on full color glossy paper.


This is a work in progress. Plans are to make it a full-fledged classroom and offer new video training studies to those who would like to enroll in e-courses. While the primary study will be eschatology, other Bible topics will be offered as well. We believe the best learning is achieved through a multi-media format, video combined with audio and text for easy access and portability of the learning materials.

AllThingsFulfilled TV

We broadcast every Saturday at 6:30-7pm central time, 7:30-8pm eastern. This broadcast potentially reaches 30 million subscribers online. There monthly costs to produce each show. It also requires a substantial amount of our time. We are hopeful one day to hire a production team for technical support. In addition, we have equipment cost needs with cameras, and additional recording gear, such as mics, switchers, software and more.

These lessons will also be archived online and made available for future studies.

AllThingsFulfilled Radio KWAM 990 -107.9 FM

Today, we are in our second year of broadcasting. We launched the show on August 3, 2018. Since that time, thousands have listened to the show which covers local and regional areas to include Memphis & Shelby County, Tupelo, MS, and West Ak, including West Memphis, Forrest City, and Little Rock and northward to Jonesboro.

All Things Fulfilled Writing

Our writing ministry includes a half dozen books, a half doezen tracts. We are currently expanding on these and plan to produce more book and tracks in the coming year.

All Things Fulfilled Newsletter

Our newsletter is currently being revamped, thanks to adding a wonderful staff person, Ms. Tiffany Webster, who with no prior experience, has volunteered to take the reins and fearlessly master the automation email space. She is doing a great job in helping to shore up areas that were lacking and soon more material will be available to your inboxes for those who want it. Be sure to go and subsribe.

All Things Fulfilled Evangelism Travel

Another important ministry is foreign travel. In 2009, we were fortunate to preach in Australia, i.e. Sydney, Brisbane and Wauga, Wauga. These were very exciting and fulfilling and much good was done on behalf of Covenant Eschatology.

In 2015 we traveled to Central America to preach in Nicaragua for 15 days. These trips were life-changing and edifying. One of the most fruitful places for planting congregations today is on the continent of Africa. Studies have shown this to be an exciting time and era of future growth for the gospel. Covenant Eschatology must be a part of this. Currently, I have plans to visit Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia. I already have contacts in Ghana, and the preacher in Nigeria runs a school of 1300 students and preaches for two churches there. We hope you will consider these mission opportunities.

India is also another fruitful field with a school that now teaches our videos and lessons on Covenant eschatology in the training of preaching students. They are eagerly awaiting our arrival. As we have the funds we will begin travel to these places to further ground these brethren in the truth of fulfilled Bible prophecy. Be a part of the solution and donate to support these causes.


As you can see from above, we are definitely engaged in several ministries that are helping to spread the message of fulfilled Bible prophecy. Most of the materials and lessons we produce are without cost to the public, even though we have a cost.