Jesus wrote to the seven churches in Asia exhorting and admonishing them to keep the heavenly garments. He loaded the admonition with gems related to the subject of resurrection and eschatolgy. The association of these garments with the parousia (coming of the Lord) demonstrate that they are the same garments Paul wrote about in 2 Corinthians 5:5. Interestingly, both have the same purpose, to cover oneself so that the shame of their nakedness does not appear.

Imminence of the Heavenly Garments Motif

Moreover, is it the case that two different garments are required for believers in view of the one single endtimes? Does the Book of Revelation teach several comings of Christ? The garment theme reveals the attempt to escape the imminence of texts and their relationship to Matthew 24:3, 30, 34, Jas. 5:7, 8, Heb. 10:37, etc,.

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The futurists argue that the garments refer to the exchange of a physical body for a spiritual one. However, we must ask, does the text support that view? We address this in the recorded message. Listen and follow up with the references given.

Heavenly Garments and the Resurrection

The idea of a resurrection of the body is dying a slow death. Yet, the momentum of their rigor mortis shifts to high gear as the Preterist view continues to make ripples across the ocean of error.

Additionally, the “keep the heavenly garments” recorded message, the warrior priesthood motif along with the marriage garment motif both relate to temple typology and the kingdom of God. This is where the futurist physical body advocates totally abandon Paul’s eschatology ship. They sink to the bottom of the sea for lack of sound reasoning. Watch the short video. It provides the insights, provokes thought and vigorous conversations about the futurist versus preterist paradigm of the end.

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