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Is Generation X Prepared For the Rapture?
Many people are concerned about being
raptured to heaven, leaving others behind.

Not to worry because God already created
a flawless plan for you that works extremely
well regardless of your generation x, y or z.

In view of that, what can you do to prepare?

Get Life Insurance

First, take a very good insurance policy. Your children and relatives are going to need it. They’re going to be here for quite some time, so you would not

want them to be left without adequate coverage in your absence.

Save and Invest For the Future

Secondly, save for the future. They’ll also need spending money for vacations, education, clothing and many of the comforts they didn’t get to enjoy when you were around. So don’t skimp on the insurance. You love them and they deserve to have a good time to make up for all the service they gave you.

Take Care of Your Health

You’ll want to delay your cloud ride as long as possible so get out that treadmill, get in the gym, go outside and walk in the fresh air and exercise that body.

Make Burial Preparations

No need to leave these last minute details to your family. They’ll be under enough stress when that day comes. Be thoughtful and pro-active and get these details all squared away now.

Make Peace With God and Man

When time comes for you to be raptured, you won’t have much time to call all the friends you have wronged to make things write. Remember, it’s sudden, quick and may be unexpected.

Check to Make Sure You Have the Correct Address

If you’re going somewhere to stay that long, better get that address correct. Rapture people move in two directions, one up and one down. Which way are you going?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the “rapture” happens everyday at about 1 person every ten seconds per Yes, people are left behind. If you’re reading this, you’re one of them at this moment.

Yes, some have gotten their final destination address mixed up. Yes, many leave without making adequate preparations for those they leave behind creating emotional and economic Armageddon in their lives for what could last for a millennium.

God’s rapture is death. All will experience it. None will escape. Since it works so well, there’s no need for him to improve upon it with the likes of a future rapture in the clouds per dispensational dogma.

Is Generation X Prepared For The Rapture?

Watch the video below for more insights on how God
fulfilled Christ’s return in the first century generation.

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