In an article by Rapture Ready writer Jack Kelley, the
question is raised, how would Jesus vote? The
undertones of the article subtly suggests that
Jesus would proudly be a “conservative” Republican.

There is a political and religious bias that somehow
believes that to vote Democratic is both ungodly
and unChristian. Wonder how an independent’s
faith is classified?

The Rapture Ready scribe argues that America
was founded as a Christian nation. Well at least
we can say it “professed” to be.

Were these the same “born again” Christians who
claimed land belonging to American Indians as their
own? What Biblical principle did this uphold? Thou
shalt steal? Thou shalt covet?

So, if you want your neighbors land, just shoot him
and move his family on a vacant lot and call it a
reservation! Reserved until when and for whom?
The Rapture? How is that righteousness?

If an alien from Mars landed on earth today and planted
a flag on the White house lawn claiming they discovered
a new nation while Africans who had arrived in American
before them navigated the space ship, by what logic or
Christian principle would America belong to the Martians?

So, the native Americans were discovered by aliens
and that makes it right in the sight of God! Does
America Need Change, Obama or the Rapture?

Would conservative Republicans have viewed Jesus’
decision to pay taxes to Tiberius Caesar’s government
treason or blind support for an ungodly nation? We
know how the Jews felt about it.

While Jesus paid taxes readily, and the Jews did so
reluctantly, it was the latter who later accused him of
treason and insurrection. Yet they actually rebelled
against Rome because of their opposition to paying
taxes in the name of patriotism and conservative
Judaism! Was the Lord unpatriotic?

In fact, the conservative Jewish tradition of resistance
to change was the direct cause of the destruction of
of the Jerusalem and the end of Biblical Judaism in
A.D. 70. (Acts 6:13, 14). These Jews made the same
claim as Kelley, that their holy place and laws were
being polluted by liberal Christians.

Will Republicans refuse to pay taxes when Obama
assumes the office of the presidency? Will their support
of the government mean they support all of Obama’s
personal beliefs? Then why must it be so for Democrats
or even other Republicans who voted for him?

Did Jesus support all the views of Caesar? Did the
believing Jews who obeyed and followed Christ’s example
and commandments to “render unto Caesar that which
is Caesar’s” commit sin? (Matt 22:17–21)

Why do Republicans feel they are the “godly” party
and everyone who does not vote as they do are
condemned to hell? Do others not have the freedom
to choose the candidate of their choice? Apparently

The apostles Paul and Peter wrote to Christians
as a direct command to be subject to governing
authorities. (Romans 13:1–7, 1 Peter 2:13, 14).

How many racists stood in defiance of human rights
moral laws and biblical principles to deny other
humans their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness, “in the name of Jeeezus!”

When Paul wrote Romans 13, Nero was the
commander in Chief of Rome! The governing
authorities of the Jewish people were murdering
and imprisoning innocent Christians!

Do conservatives advocate that we withhold our
prayers for “kings and all who are in authority,
that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all
godliness and reverence?” (2 Tim. 2:1–3)

Somehow the early Christians were able to make
sophisticated distinctions between submitting to
government and endorsing every ideology of the
government. Isn’t that what we do with all people,
husbands, wives, children, etc.

In contrast, the bible makes it clear that “civil
disobedience” is valid when a government requires
submission to principles which conflict with those
of God, (Daniel 6, Acts 5:29), which is an individual
choice even upheld by the constitution.

Citizens can object by vote or by protest. How else
could America have justified its existence? Remember
the Boston Tea Party started the Revolution over a
protest mantra of “No taxation without representation!”

The U.S. Constitution recognizes that people
may have differences with their elected officials who
govern is one of the protections of a civil society.
How else could their be a democracy?

Why then is it considered unpatriotic for a person to
exercise their vote for a candidate that may have
personal opinions that differ from their own, but a
consensus agenda that unites people toward common
goals and objectives?

Or is it only conservative Republicans who are not
impacted by the current financial Armageddon? If not
what were the bailouts all about? When did sharing
wealth become unChristian? (1 Tim. 6:18)

Further, throughout the Bible, we see godly statesmen
such as Daniel and Nehemiah in the courts of Persia,
accepting responsibility, praying to God and asking for
the forgiveness of the sins and crimes of their fathers,
Nehemiah 1, Daniel 9).

Will conservative Republicans offer an apology for the
governments role in institutionalized slavery? Will they
accept the responsibility of the crimes of their
fathers in robbing the material and human wealth of
African nations through over 200 years of institutionalized
slavery to build the wealth on Wall street?

So far no, but many with blood on their patriotic hands
salute the flag and pledge their allegiance to the
government as though they have no king but Caesar
and all who will not bow to them are not Caesar’s friend.

As I recall, the conservative and patriotic Jews didn’t
worry much about their own blood stained hands or
those of their children, (Matthew 27:25).

This is not an indictment against all Republicans. Nor
does it exonerate Democrats, Independents or any
other political party.

It does however seek to expose the utter hypocrisy
of those whether conservative Republican or Democrat
who claim they are the only righteous torch bearers
of the nation.

Mr. Kelly reveals his true concerns in saying that this
election could bring about fundamental change in America.
That certainly would be a welcome breath of fresh air
if change means what it should mean, “repentance”
for the sins enumerated above.

He also speaks of peace, financial security, tolerance
and choice as “campaign code words” for rebellion
against God, when desired by Obama supporters.

Hopefully there is at least one Republican in the land
who would find such words shocking especially in view
of the financial crisis and turmoil of the nation and the
growing global community.

There is a good chance that many in America
and the larger global community are outgrowing the
narrow-minded immaturity of the Republican party as
it stands.

Yes, change is not only desirable for an Obama campaign,
it seems those who resisted it the most need it the most.
According to the news media, they have lost their way.

Some in this nation are so holily grieved that they
are looking past president elect Obama to the next
election as though they will bear with him as the ‘boils
on the body of Job’ until his term ends, —all in the name
of restoring righteous conservatism in the government.

How godly is it for a nation to take care of its rich
while neglecting and abusing its poor? This is not
about individual industry and self-determination.

The American people have had their tax dollars
stolen with huge billion dollar bailouts at tax payers
expense. A trillion dollar deficit hocks the future while
oil companies and banks profited at their expense.

What’s at stake Mr. Kelly asks? He laments that
the foundations of our society are being uprooted
by modern and ungodly philosophies. We do see
this happening in many ways, without the need to
adopt conservative Republican agenda. However,
his solution is why worry, the Rapture will come
soon and end it all.

If the Republicans believe that strongly in the Rapture
why have a Republican party at all? Let them eat,
drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Such are the
sentiments of Mr. Kelley and his recommendation for
retreat now that he sees the country going to hell
in a hen basket because Republicans are not controlling
the White house.

One thing is evident. The Rapture doctrine of retreat
from responsibility and accountability has not changed
since its “founding fathers” advocated it a century and
a half ago. Yes, we need philosophic eschatological change,
to renounce the defeatist retreatism Rapture doctrine.

We also need political change to address and improve on
achieving the ideals of one nation under God, with liberty
and justice for all. That would in fact be a “Christian