Making Resurrection As Simple As the Palm of Your Hand

Build your confidence in the resurrection by watching the video below on 2 Timothy 4:1. This video not only will add to your knowledge but will equip you with the reasons and strategies to build a solid faith in the word of God by using the eschatology of the Bible. It is filled with clear explanations, proofs of the resurrection in 70 A.D., and counter arguments, with careful and scriptural exegesis of the text.

WARNING: It is not for those who are overly sensitive to strong Bible teaching and candid assessments of false notions of Scripture.

If there is one thing this last election has shown, it is how many emotionally unstable people are living in this world. It is said when many believers form a large segment of this audience. Before your loved one follows another so-called prophet who deceives them into selling all their possessions, –homes, cars, job and personal effects to trek to the mountains and wait in the clouds for a Rapture, share this video with them. It can save them a lot of grief.

It’s entertaining, yet straightforward in the message. Our prayer is that it has free course in helping to build your faith in the word of God.