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In part one of this study, we looked
at two arguments offered by futurists
on the question of can Matthew 24
be divided?

In this segment we’’ll discuss another
popular argument. It is based on
verse 36, particularly styled the
“that day” argument.

Those who advance it say that
Jesus spoke of “those days”
when discussing Jerusalem’s fall.

However, when he spoke of his
Parousia, or coming, he spoke of
“that day.”

This to futurists, amillennialists,
dispensationalists and even some
partial presterists is believed to be
a solid argument for a different comng.

Our approaching in this writing will
consider the parallel texts in Luke 17

We are given clear examples of how
to interpret passages using “those days”
and “that day” in an eschatologial text.

The Days of Noah

Can Matthew 24 be divided based on
that day of verse 36, and those days
of verses 1–35?

The Lord said his coming would be
the same as it was in the days of
Noah, Luke 17:26, 27).

In the day leading up to the flood, the
people were eating and drinking,
marryng and giving in marriage until
the day that Noah entered the ark.

Therefore, we have the days prior
to the event until “the day” of the

The days leading up to the event,
did not mean two separate comings
divided by thousands of years in
Noah’s day.

The Days of Lot

Christ spoke the same of the days
of Lot says this is how his coming
would be.

Likewise was it was also in the days
of Lot: They ate, they drank they
bought, they sold, they planted,
they built:

but on the day that Lot went out
of Sodom it rained fire and brimsstone.

Again, the days before the event
did not mark a separate event but
were merely the last days leading
to the final day.

Jesus said so it would be with his

Therefore, since these days
describe the coming of the Lord,
we cannot separate “those days”
from the event to which they led.

That day is simply the culmination
of the days before it spoken of in
Matthew 24.

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