Well as you can see, AllThingsfulfilled.Com is getting some cyber-plastic surgery. Sure, things look different, even a bit marred but that’s the way it is while you’re trying to heal from the cyber knife. Also, because I am doing this work myself and have no technical expertise, it’s going to be a long healing process.

However, I’ll try to make it as painful as possible. First, to access any of the posts, while we’re in this transition, just go to the “category” section at the top bar, left click on it and a drop down box will appear with all the posts. In the meantime, I will update as quickly as possible to get in new  posts and re-categorize others so they show up in the right places.

Beyond that, just pray for me that this gets done. I appreciate the being able to offer my understanding and your willingness to read or study them. Don’t forget to send your questions, leave comments and do us a huge favor. Book mark the blog posts you like, using the social bookmark icons below.

In the meantime, I should get back to work, so you don’t have to put up with this face-lift recuperation any longer than you have to.  Have a great day.